Finding Your Product Name, Product Number, Or Serial Number

Every dienanhtp.comhường. sản phẩm has a unique identifying number called a serial number. You need khổng lồ know the serial number when working with tư vấn, servicing the sản phẩm, or determining if the hàng hóa is still under warranty.

Every computer has a serial number on the surface of the computer. You can also use Windows or ChromeOS to find the number.

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For computers with Windows, find the serial number by pressing a key combination.

Use a key press combination to open a System Information window:

Laptops: Using the built-in keyboard, press Fn + Esc.

Desktops or All-in-One computers: Press Ctrl + Alt + S.

Find the serial number in the window that opens. If a System Information window does not open, continue with these steps.

In Windows, search for & open Command Prompt.

In the comm& prompt window, type wmic bgame ios get serialnumber, và then press Enter.

For Chromebooks, locate the serial number from the login screen.

Turn on the computer.

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On the login screen, press the Alt + V keys simultaneously.

The operating system version, firmware version, và serial number display in the top right corner of the screen.


On an dienanhtp.comed Chromebook, the serial number has ten digits, lists the hàng hóa number, và has an dienanhtp.comhường label.


Look for a label or number etched on the product"s surface.

Search the outside of your computer for a number labeled as Serial Number, S/N, or SN. The number might display on a label or be etched on the product’s surface.

On the underside or baông chồng edges of the máy vi tính or Chromebook


If you have a máy vi tính with a removable battery, inside the battery compartment


If you have a detachable máy tính, between the tablet & the dock (remove sầu the tablet lớn reveal the serial number)

On the bachồng of an All-in-One PC


On the side of a desktop PC


Every dienanhtp.comhường printer has a serial number applied to lớn the surface of the printer. If you have connected the printer khổng lồ a computer, you can also use dienanhtp.comhường software to retrieve the number.

Look for a label on the product"s surface.

Search your printer for a Serial Number, Serial No, S/N, or SN printed on a label. You might need lớn open the ink cartridge access area or scanner lid to lớn reveal the label.

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