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Online PC gaming marks a paradigm shift in the way we look at the world of gaming. From MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Blade và Soul to lớn MOBAs like League of Legends và DOTA 2, the ever-growing popularity of online PC games is no hidden secret. Here, we take a look at 10 highest grossing online PC games of năm ngoái in terms of total revenues earned. So, without further avị, let us begin:

10. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar) – US$ 205 million


After retiring from a life of crime, you enter a witness protection program & everything seems to be going just fine. But for some people, fine is just too boring & mundane. Thankfully, the main protagonists in GTA5 feel the same way. Rockstar has mix the benchmark for open-world sandbox games with a highly detailed virtual world where you can go literally anywhere và vày practically everything your heart desires. GTA5 has amassed a massive sầu tín đồ base around the world và the game raked in an impressive US$205 million last year lớn clinch the last spot in the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of 2015. And since you can invest hundreds of hours of gameplay even after completing the main story-line, we believe that the popularity of the open-world sandbox game will climb up on the popularity charts this year.

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9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve) – US$ 221 million

If you have sầu played the once popular Half Life mod, you would know that CS:GO is practically a clever and much needed reboot of the game. CS:GO offers everything that a Counter-Strike bạn can ask for – sophisticated high-tech weaponry, new maps that offer highly-detailed & cleverly planned battle environments, and all of the older CS stuff albeit updated to lớn redefine your gaming experience. The game has landed a spot aước ao the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of năm ngoái with impressive revenue of US$ 221 million. Let’s hope Valve developers continue khổng lồ announce updates this year lớn keep its fan base loyal.

8. DOTA 2 (Valve sầu Corporation) – US$ 238 million


DOTA 2 is not only the pioneer of MOBA genre but has also mix the benchmark for other games to follow. The game follows the free-to-play multiplayer online battle aremãng cầu game genre & is developed và published by Valve sầu Corporation. DOTA 2 has evolved over the years with game developers adding key features khổng lồ redefine the gameplay and adding more depth in the story-line. The popularity of DOTA 2 continues to lớn grow & this is reflected in the impressive revenue of US$ 238 million that the online game has generated in 2015.

7. Maplestory (Nexon) – $253 million


If you are bored playing 3 chiều first-person shooters, MOBAs & MMORPGs, then Maplestory will definitely spark your curiosity and interest. It is a free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPG but on a 2 chiều platform. In Maplestory, you travel the Maple World as you haông chồng and slash your way through monsters and minions và engage in epic boss battles. The game offers you ample opportunities lớn develop your skills and abilities and you can even interact with other players in your team through chat. Another interesting feature of Maplestory is that you can collaborate with different groups of players and form guilds lớn battle enemies that become tougher at every stage. The game has gained massive sầu popularity in a short time & earned a total of US$ 253 million last year making it the 7th Highest Grossing Online PC trò chơi of 2015.

6. Lineage I (NCSoft Corporation) – $339 million


Lineage I breaks the limitations that we find in conventional games as it enters you into lớn a war-torn world that spans two continents. As you assume the character of the main protagonist, you have sầu to lớn fight with arch-enemies and subtle foes alike as you face betrayals & size alliances. Players reign supreme in the beautiful but brutal world of Lineage that is rife with large-scale conflicts, territorial disputes and war-mongering tyrants. The game was a major hit in 2015, raking in a staggering US$ 339 million in the year. This lands it in the sixth place in the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of 2015.

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5. World of Tanks ( – $446 million


Nothing can beat the sheer thrill of sitting in an armored tank equipped with high-tech weaponry và blowing your enemies khổng lồ smithereens as you go on a rampage across cities. World of Tanks offers you just that! What sets World of Tanks apart from other similar games is that you can plot and change your battle strategy in real-time through typed or voice chat và collaborate with your team as you plan hit-and-run attacks or go all ballistic on your enemies. To win the game, you either have to lớn destroy all hostiles or capture the enemy base. Developed by Belarusian-Cypriot, the massively multiplayer online game is one of the faschạy thử growing games out there, raking in a whopping US$ 446 million last year.

4. World of Warcraft (Blizzard) – US$ 814 million


As is characteristic of the MMORPG genre, World of Warcraft allows you lớn control a character avatar in a virtual world as you explore landscapes, fight monsters, complete quests, và interact with NPCs. However, what sets the game apart from other MMORPGs is the intense gaming experience, diverse character skills and abilities, & the addictive sầu gameplay it offers. Thus, when it comes to lớn the MMORPG genre, no game comes cchiến bại to World of Warcraft. The game retains the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG in terms of subscribers with an impressive 5.6 million subscriptions by the end of June năm ngoái. As năm ngoái drew to lớn a close, World of Warcraft reported total revenues of US$ 814 million, earning fourth place in the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of 2015.

3. Dungeon Fighter (Neople) – 1.052 billion

Dungeon Fighter Online is a PC-based 2D side-scrolling arcade hack-n-slash game developed by Neople. In the game you assume the character of the main protagonist as you slash your way through hordes of minions và engage in epic trùm battles. While the game follows the classic 2D side-scrolling format, it offers gamers a breath of fresh air và a welcome break from the array of mainstream online 3D and multidimensional games out there. And the fact that the game raked in more than a billion (US$ 1.052 billion) in revenues in 2015 speaks for itself. This earns Dungeon Fighter the third spot in the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of năm ngoái.

2. CrossFire (SmileGate) – US$ 1.110 billion


If you are an avid bạn of the first-person shooter genre then CrossFire is just the game for you. In a short time, Crossfire amassed a massive sầu fan base and raked in a whopping US$ 1.110 billion in 2015 to l& it in the second spot of the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of năm ngoái. The game revolves around an epic showdown between two rival mercenary corporations named Global Risk và Black List. Before you begin the game, you have sầu lớn choose which of the two corporations you want to lớn fight. You then join an online team of fellow mercenaries as you go on a rampage around different environments & try lớn survive objective-based scenarquả táo. The game features different modes that can accommodate a total of 16 players that are equally divided into lớn two teams.

1. League of Legends (Riot Games) – US$ 1.628 billion


That League of Legends tops the chart for the 10 Highest Grossing Online PC Games of 2015 should come as no surprise – the game raked in a staggering US$ 1.628 billion in năm ngoái. So what makes League of Legends so popular? The main attraction of the game is the 5-on-5 matches that you can play on 3-lane maps. This allows you to lớn develop your own distinct play style as you battle your way lớn victory. With the myriad of playable characters and skills diversity that each of them boast, the game has set the benchmark for the multiplayer online battle aremãng cầu genre.

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