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The dienanhtp.com Ultra HD IPS monitor offers both a larger workspace và accurate and detailed expression. In particular, the sRGB over 99% prevents gaps in color space, và the expression.

USB-C ports will transsize an ordinary work room into an advanced work studio by connecting single USB-C cable.You can replace all the mess by connecting lớn a single USB-C port.

Maintain the perfect color of monitor through calibrator and dedicated calibration SW ‘True màu sắc Pro" Multiple Picture Mode includes various color mode presets for view ing environments.
Screen Split divides the display into lớn multiple sections for different tasks by resizing the windows on the screen. Its advanced options have sầu expanded khổng lồ include 4types of Picture-in-Picture(PIP) Mode among 14 options. It offers the most efficient professional work environment.
The dienanhtp.com Ultra HD 4K monitor based on IPS offers accurate picture quality & makes games as more realistic as possible.Finally, It brings khổng lồ immersive sầu gaming experience.

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With FreeSync, you can play any high-over game without screen tearing and stuttering that occur from the difference between a graphic card"s frame rate and monitor"s refresh rate.
Blaông chồng Stabilizer senses the darkest areavà makes it brighter so that you can findenemies hiding in the shadows.And Dynamic Action Synce allows you toattaông xã enemies faster with less lag time
Game Mode, consisting of Custom(Game), FPS & RTS modes, provides a customized gaming experience, adjusting và optimizing the settings for the game you select.
The newly designed ergonomic st& can be installed quickly và easily with a ad justable ergonomic design.
The coexistence of smoothness và solidness in the curved structure. The beauty of ArcLine is the icing on the cake.
For any inquiries about purchasing or technical supports, please find your local office in your country. If there is no listing for your country, please liên hệ the nearest country lớn yours.

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