Whether you are looking to add filters to landscapes, decorate your dog's pholớn, or get rid of a blemish before posting a selfie on Facebook, Photo lớn Wonder will fulfill all your pholớn editing needs. A free pholớn editing app for iPhone và máy tính bảng iPad users, this is a must-have tool for its usability & functional features.

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When I began using this photo lớn editor for iPhoneand máy tính bảng ipad, I realized that the developers seem khổng lồ have sầu put a lot of thought inlớn creating this masterpiece. For instance, when using the sharpen tool, you can move the slider across like you would on any other photo-editing software.

With Pholớn Wonder, however, you can also hold down the “Compare” button lớn see how your adjusted sharpness compares with the original.

Little extras lượt thích that make using this ứng dụng a rather pleasurable experience.This Photo lớn editing phầm mềm runs on devices with iOS 9.0 or later with tư vấn of up to iOS 14.0 và it is compatible with iPhone, ipad tablet, và iPod touch. It will need 158.4 MB of không tính tiền memory space on your mobile device to lớn download, install and lớn edit photos with this ứng dụng. Cheông chồng out our Photo lớn Wonder app đánh giá for more details.

Advanced Photo-Editing Made Easy

The trang chính screen displays six options: Edit, Collage, Filter Camera, Material, More Beautiful, & Emotion Lab. The Editing tool lets you vày all the basic adjustments such as cropping, rotating, và adjusting things lượt thích brightness, saturation, và contrast.

The Filter Camera option lets you apply filters like soft light, xanh tone, & autumn effect on the camera, so you can get a feel of what your subject might look like before you take a snap, helping you capture the mood perfectly.

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Clicking a photo lớn using the Filter Camera automatically takes you to the editing tool, so you don't have lớn store it, open the editing tool và then select the picture you just took.


Effects And Enhancements

Effects can be added just lượt thích filters even after photos are taken. There is a wide variety of effects available under four categories, namely Portrait, Classic, Scene, and Art.

One of the most fun features of this phầm mềm is the beautify option, where you can beautify any portraits by whitening, removing blemishes, & enlarging eyes. You can also use the Slimming feature or eyeliners & blushers to lớn further accentuate your beauty.

Several decorative add-ons such as accessories (bow ties, hats, jewelry), pranks (whiskers, eyebrows), stickers, & text can be added using the Decoration feature. You also have sầu the option of using a brush khổng lồ add your own touch.

Create collages of up to nine photos using the Collage tool. Simply tap on the photos from your Phokhổng lồ Albums and tap “Collage”. You will then be able to choose between four collage modes: templates, không lấy phí collage, studio, and splice to provide you with every option of collage imaginable.


Pros & Cons


Enjoy basic editing features in an easy-to-use và functional interfaceSnap photos using a Filter Camera khổng lồ capture the mood of the momentUse enhancements khổng lồ beautify the photo lớn to your likingDecorate pictures with quirky or formal accessoriesCreate a variety of collages within secondsBeautify portraits by whitening, removing blemishes, and using the slimming feature


There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

Photo lớn Wonder is quite possibly thebest photo editing phầm mềm for iPad& iPhone users. I highly recommend it to allwho enjoy taking & sharing photographs.

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