There are various kinds of Android Apps available in Play Store today. Some of which are quite useful in our professional as well as personal life. But after you’ve sầu added a bunch of apps và used it for a while, Android can run slowly, lag more & even consume much battery power. Everyone wants their smartphone to lớn be fast enough to handle apps without any lagging. Buying a high priced phone with a disastrous processor khổng lồ overcome this lagging problem won’t help you either. The stuff running in the background may slow down the device that it is not able to lớn handle the multitasking & heavy apps easily. In order lớn improve this performance, there is a new phầm mềm released which will help to tune up and charge up your phone instantly thus making your phone work more smoother. The name of the tiện ích which boosts your device performance is DU Speed Booster app. It is developed by the creators of popular DU battery saver phầm mềm. This tiện ích does not only kill the inactive sầu apps or processes, but also does a lot khổng lồ improve your phone’s performance. The various features in this tiện ích are listed below.

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Powerful Booster: This feature boosts the tốc độ of your phone up to lớn 60%, cleans your system from unwanted files and increases your storage space.

Easy Booster: With a single touch interface this features saves you time & effort.

Effective sầu Booster: This feature scans every corner of your storage including SD thẻ to optimize your system efficiency.

Smart Booster: This feature includes pre-mix automatic cleaning of unwanted processes và trash.


Scoring và Optimizing: You can check the score of your entire smartphone directly. Once the ứng dụng assesses everything, a specific score is given out of 100, và you can then optimize with a single tap when the app says that optimization is needed. This is an overall calculator of performance, so you don’t have to lớn manually check for problems in each area.

Speed Accelerator: With this features you can run Android apps and play games faster than before. The accelerator shows you the current running processes and the apps that auto-start. For rooted phones, you can freeze the ứng dụng manager và không tính phí up memory in the device. The process manager shows how much memory is miễn phí & how many processes need to lớn be cleared in order lớn miễn phí more memory. The issues due lớn which your phone slows down are listed and you just need khổng lồ cliông chồng the Accelerate button lớn speed up your device in a single tap.

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Trash Cleaner: This feature helps khổng lồ clean up your Android phone and SD card space thus increasing memory và tốc độ. It shows you what percentage of trash files, apps, residual system tệp tin and compressed files etc. are present in your phone’s internal storage as well as in its SD card. The Cađậy cleaner in it cleans the trash left by apps và you can choose to lớn either remove sầu the cabít for individual apps, or for all apps at once. It can even clean up the residual files left after uninstalled apps.

trò chơi Booster: This is one of the best features in DU Speed Booster which gives you amazing game experience. It helps to boost the tốc độ of your games lớn make them run faster. The ứng dụng automatically detects và lists games that can be tốc độ up, or you can manually select games one-by-one. The tiện ích concentrates on the system resource to tư vấn game operation và thus makes smooth game play & boosts the frames-per-second graphics output.


Permission Manager & SMS/điện thoại tư vấn Blocker: It also includes very useful options like Contact Blocking, the ability to lớn kiểm tra the permissions for each ứng dụng, và the ability to disable any apps if they pose any threat to lớn the security of your phone. With the Permission Manager you can view which apps have sầu certain permissions; i.e. the apps that can make calls, those that can read messages and those that can use location services etc. You can delete any phầm mềm that you feel is using permissions that it shouldn’t have sầu. This ứng dụng comes with không tính tiền built-in security features lớn prevent data theft, viruses và hacking as well.

Advanced App Manager: With this feature you can manage your apps both on your phone’s memory và SD card thus increasing storage space. It checks for any residual files lớn keep your Android phone clean và in the top tốc độ. You can even move sầu apps và files between your phone & SD thẻ to lớn free some memory.


Multiple languages support: It can tư vấn various languages including English, Indonesia, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Vietnamese và Korean.

Overall DU Speed Booster is a powerful device manager will helps you lớn master your background tasks, memory space, apps and battery power as well as inspect apps’ permissions and blochồng messages or calls through easy interface and one touch controls. It is a total Android phone management solution that combines advanced functionality of an ứng dụng task killer, speed và ram booster, storage analyzer, security guard & clean master as well as a battery saver.

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