Unsupported partition table fix windows loader by daz

The operating system Windows 7 is still leading in the number of users among mỏi all versions of this OS. Despite the fact that several new ones have long been released, including Windows 10. Microsoft products are quite expensive sầu, so most use pirated versions. Any product of this company must be activated with special utilities. Sometimes there are problems with activation, và users are faced with the message Unsupported partition in Windows Loader. What to lớn do in this situation, you will learn from this article.

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The reasons why the message appears in Windows Loader

The “Unsupported partition table” error in Windows 7 may appear for several reasons. One of the most common - the activator blocks the firmware. At the same time, the activator may have a status of successful activation, but the limited version for 30 days is still indicated in the system window. The problem appears when installing the OS, when several disks with different file architecture are installed in the computer.

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Read how lớn fix the error: can not connect lớn the Windows service .

Resolving Unsupported Partition Table Error

To solve the error when activating the system, you must first make the system show hidden data. For this:

Select the big Start button and cliông chồng on the right in the Control Panel window that opens;

» и выберите клавишу ENTER; Press 2 keys together - WIN + R, write " services.msc " in Latin characters & select the ENTER key; You will see a services window where we need khổng lồ find a line called “Software Protection”; Select its right cliông chồng and click "Properties";

Остановка службы защиты Stop Windows Protection Service Here select the option “Disable” in the “Startup type” item; Then find the “Stop” button và cliông xã, below select “Apply”, “Ok”. Next, we need to lớn open the system disk và find a couple of files in it that are caused by our Unsupported partition table error in Windows Loader.

Press together WIN + E to open the explorer, select the system disk (usually C: ); Select the "Windows" folder, & in it find "System32". In this folder, it is desirable lớn use the search (it is located at the top right) to find two files, followed by the extension .C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0; Delete these two files; Go baông chồng khổng lồ Windows services, find our disabled program protection bar và run it. In the startup type, you must set the previous value.

Resolving the “c0000145 Application error” error in Windows 7 .

Activating Windows 7 with Windows Loader

The Windows Loader utility is designed for miễn phí activation of Windows operating systems. It can be found on various resources, including torrent trackers. There is also a Russian-language site dedicated lớn this utility, it is located at https://windows-loader.ru/ . The activator is convenient because it works in portable mode. Download the archive sầu and unzip it. After that, you need to lớn select a tệp tin with the extension .exe cộ.

It is very important khổng lồ run the utility as an administrator to avoid errors. To vày this, right-cliông chồng và select "as administrator". In this case, the activator utility is powerless if the partition has a GPT file architecture. Start the activator and press the "Install" button. The system will activate. Nearby you can notice another “Uninstall” button. If you press it, the system will return to lớn the trial version.

Do you know what khổng lồ vì chưng if the audio service is not running on Windows 7 ?

How to format a GPT disk in MBR

To change the layout of the hard disk there are both built-in Windows tools và third-tiệc nhỏ programs. We will use system tools. Therefore, if you do not want lớn bởi vì it manually, you can find such a utility on the Internet.

If the error occurred when reinstalling Windows, press 2 keys together - SHIFT + F10.

You will see a comm& line in front of you. (If you open the commvà line through the system, you must run it as an administrator); Type “diskpart” in the prompt; Here you need to write in Latin one more comm& “menu disk” - it displays all the disks connected to your computer; You must enter the "select disk C" commvà. If your system is on another disk, enter the appropriate drive letter; Next, enter “clean”, followed by “detail disk”; We continue lớn enter “select volume” parameters in the comm& line, below “delete volume”; The following commvà converts the disk inkhổng lồ the “convert mbr” format we need; At the over, enter "exit" lớn exit the string.

Конвертация GPT в MBR Convert GPT khổng lồ MBR Now try again lớn check for the error Unsupported partition table in Windows Loader.

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